The First Association of Old Boys’ of Notre Dame College, Ozoro was in 1965 under the leadership of Mr. Francis Ogeh. After the inaugural meeting nothing was of this association. In 1976 an Old Boy who was then Medical Officer of the General Hospital, Owhelogbo, initiated yet another association it was far as old boys from all over the country came and spent the weekend in one of the hostels. This association went into oblivion some years later.

In 1984, the same Old Boy, undaunted by the collapse of the various attempt of formation of a viable association, initiated yet another grouping. Senator Francis Spanner Okpozo was elected president. Every Old Boy heaved a sigh of relief, that at last a viable NODACOBA was formed.

On 3rd December, 1988, a 5- member National Caretaker Committee was inaugurated. The members were:

(1) Engr. E. N. Kragha – Chairman

(2) Mr. F.O Otobo – Secretary

(3) Mr. Emma A. Emakporuena

(4) Mr. Ogaga Obaro and

(5) Barr. A. Oghenejabor,

The caretaker committee had one year to complete her assignment. Unfortunately this did not come to be. The reason was that all concerned National Convention did not hold because quorum was not formed.

However, with the able intervention of some compatriot Dr. O.E. Esieke, Mr. P.E Ajobo, Dr. C. Edema, Dr. R.S. Onoruvie, Engr. E.N. Kragha et al, a National Convention was held on 19th April 1997. 

At the convention a crop of dedicated Old Boys were elected. They are:

1. Dr. O.E. Esieke –  National President

2. Mr. Pius Nakpodia (Late) –  Vice President National

3. Dr. F.O Otobo –  National Secretary General

4. Mr. Ifenedo –  Treasurer

5. Dr. P. Ogboborie –  Financial Secretary

6. Mr. Emma A. EmaKporuene –  Publicity Secretary

7. Mr. I.A. Ojareche –  Welfare Officer

8. Mr. I.O. Ubini –  National Asst. Secretary

This Executive Council continued to pilot the affairs of the Association in spite of the pall of problems facing the Association, obvious among these are finance and non-attendance at National Convention. These executives lasted from 19th April, 1997 – March 18, 2016.

On the 19th of March 2016, a national convention/Founder’s day celebration and fund raising ceremony took place at the school premises where the association constitution was ratified and a new executive was inaugurated.


1.      Sir. Leo Onogberie  – National President 

2.      Sir. Raphael Afemari – National Vice President ‎

3.      Sir. Emmanuel Ekwerigbe‎ – National Secretary General 

4.      Mr. Orobor Asiafa -‎ Asst. National Secretary General ‎

5.      Dr. Michael Oke – National Treasurer

6.      Mr. Benin Benson Othuke  – National Financial Secretary

7.      Engr. Gabriel Efenedo – National Welfare Officer

8.      Comrade Samuel Akwoleno – National Chief Whip 

9.      Mr. Bucky Agarry – National Internal Auditor ‎

10.  Prince Alex Obayagbona – National Public Relations Officer 

11.  Barr. Francis Uduophori ‎- National legal Adviser

12. Mr. George Odeka ‎- Deputy National President South West, Nigeria 

13. Chief Elder Mccarthy Mukoro – Deputy National President South South, Nigeria  ‎

14. Mr. Lawrence Edi – Deputy National President‎ North North,   Nigeria

15. Professor Michael Okogbo – Deputy National President‎ North America

16. Mr. Solomon Ubredi ‎- Deputy National President Europe‎ – 

Long live the Association

Long live the College

Long live Delta State

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria